We are a customer-oriented builder focused on superior craftsmanship and precise communication. We listen carefully to our customers and provide the services to suit their particular needs and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on working and restoring the best decks, fences in the Peninsula area, and always delivering the best possible service.

We utilize the highest quality materials when restoring your deck, and we work with our customers every step of the way while working your new deck. There is almost no limit to the decks covers that we can work, and it is our goal to make your dreams a reality.

The most important thing for any consumer to know is that it takes knowledge, skill, and experience to do exterior wood restoration correctly. In a matter of seconds, the use of a power washer in inexperienced hands can cause un repairable damage to wood. Using pressure like 3,000 PSI to clean decks can actually etch the wood, remove natural materials, raise the grain of wood, create splinters, fuzzes etc. Using a contractor with experience, knowledge of the right cleaners and stains, proper processes and the proper equipment is the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

Kings Refinish provides a complete professional package for all your exterior wood restoration needs. We use only professional products that provide professional results accompanied by professional service. We are dedicated to enhancing and protecting your investment and adding curb appeal thus improving the value of your home. We restore decks, fences, docks, arbors, gazebos, and playground equipment.