Deck Repair and restoration

Some of the happiest moments of our lives are spent with the family out on the deck celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or simply grilling up a nice juicy Porter House while watching the children play in the yard. The only thing that can dampen the happy spirit of a family gathering is an unsightly, weather worn, splintering and rotted wood deck. Nothing looks worse than a dull, weather stripped deck in the summer.

If your damaged wood deck crumbles, who would most likely be hurt? Is it possible pesky insects are turning your wood investment into a costly and tasty feast?
Worried that your home might be losing value from the eyesore that your once beautiful deck has been reduced to?

With Kings Refinish we can alleviate those worries and help restore some great memories with a fantastic looking deck for the summer that will be protected for the winter!

Everybody knows that deck repair can mean many things, and every deck does not need the same maintenance. However, whether it’s a first-floor deck in the back yard or a second story deck on a commercial condo, repairing a deck can be a hassle or a piece of cake, depending on what the project involves.

Deck flooring on stairs located outdoors is prone to rapid deterioration, especially since it is continuously exposed to elements such as sun, wind, rain, and snow, among others. Among the signs that your deck flooring needs replacement or repairs are shrinkage, buckling and even twisting of the wood planks used. If the stringers that are usually located at the side of your deck stairs start to rot, then you need immediate replacement. On the other hand, if the damage to your laminate deck flooring on stairs is limited to a few steps only, you can quickly repair them with the right wood floor tiles.

See some before and after of our work: